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Agenda for 07-07-2020

Chair: Jamie

Meeting Location

Google Meet

Meeting was Called to Order At: 1937


Experienced Members

  • A’Lisa VP. Hello, Posesser of face, and sewer of things.

Show and Tell

New Business

Upcoming Events

  • To be filled in by activities VP

Announcement/Call for volunteers

Re-opening Feedback

  • Suspensions so far
    1. Failing to get approval to use the space during the medical use only period and failing to fill out a health screening form (Rules 3 & 4 in the old Limited Use policy)
    2. Failing to wear a mask while in the space & being there outside the reported period on the calendar (Covid Rules 7 & 10)
    3. Failing to fill out a health screening form and failing to mark work time on the calendar and failing to disinfect work surfaces. (Covid Rules 6 & 7)
  • Suggestions on communicating best practices?
    • Best practices are on the wiki, but haven't gotten a lot of edits since initial publication
    • Best practices page is also super long and can be hard to find relevant information
  • Enforcement: How can the board be more transparent about enforcement?
    • Less vague votes on the wiki. More details can be shared generally without compromising privacy
    • Emails to the list when suspensions occur.
    • All changes limited to covid related events.
  • Reporting unsafe behavior: What is the best way?
    • Communicate with the member in question, be excellent while doing so
    • Email advocate@i3detroit.org to report activity
    • Board may be communicating more about reporting in the near future, possibly implementing a more standardized reporting process.
    • The mailing list is not the place for reporting - even with the best intentions, things always get messy and unproductive
  • Zone-specific policies
    • Are these posted in the zones? If not, they should be
    • What can members do if they feel that a zone's policy is unreasonable? Please share any issues or ideas with the zone coordinator. If unable to solve the issue personally, contact the board.
  • Minors as guests
    • A couple people have wanted to take their kids in to i3 as guests but can't under current policy
    • Nothing in the current executive order prohibits minors
    • The lawyer that we consulted did recommend against having minors in the space right now
    • Really it's up to us to decide if we think minors are a major risk
    • Any policy change cannot happen until after the minor waiver is updated.
  • New member on-boarding
    • Currently rules do not allow new member onboarding
    • Our organizational mission, long-term, depends on being able to let new members use the space
    • In-person on-boarding requires volunteers who feel safe doing so
    • Changing onboarding to have more virtual components is an option
    • We have problems with adherence to the covid rules already, adding new members in the near future may increase those problems
    • Newer executive orders do allow "meeting halls" to have meetings at 25% capacity - we could use this to allow some non-manufacturing activities (i.e. new member onboarding, classes, or SIG meetings)
  • In-person classes/SIG meetings
    • Same general issues as above, but lower priority
    • Mixed feedback so far on slack - some people would like to use the space for more purposes, but it makes other people less likely to use the space
    • Would have to be very carefully controlled - maybe limited to certain days/times in general so people who want to avoid people can plan around it?


  • Charlie moved that we change point 12 of the Covid-19 plan to "Members should, as reasonable, sanitize any work surfaces, tools, hardware, and fixtures before and after use. This includes bathroom surfaces, faucet handles, storage cabinets, door knobs, etc. Members should, as reasonable, follow any applicable Zone-Specific Safety Practices to sanitize zone equipment and tools." but was not seconded.

I move that we strike the text " in-person classes, tours, in-person member onboarding activities," from point 2 of the COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan.

Moved by Charlie; Seconded by A’Lisa
x Ayes / x Nays
Result: Tabled
Table the prior motion to strike restrictions on in person activities
Moved by A’Lisa; Seconded by Mel
9 Ayes / 1 Nays
Result: PASS

Zone updates

Craft Room

  • Sewing dept has received donation of another Kenmore and desk. It appears to have a number of accessories - feet and buttonholer though I don't see any cams yet. It will have to be set up and tested but with Covid, I don't know when that will be.

Also, we have some new books in the sewing library. I will post their titles in the wiki. If you're seeking basic Sewing advice or handbag ideas, see them on the bookshelf in the craft room. There are many more books I haven't added yet. Two boxes full still sit in Room B.

I've added a box of baubles and some sewing trims to the shelves too. See book shelf. There are many more trims but their day in the light may not come until we finish expansion and have a sewing room. Right now they're in storage in Room B.

Hahaha! See what I did there. 😁

  • Also the resin filter material for the commercial iron has arrived so the next time I'm in, I'll update the water jug.

If there are members requiring authorization on the iron, table or Designer 1, let me know. I'll need to get a shield and would require mask plus shield for the student.

Embroidery authorization works the same. The trainers are willing to meet if everyone present wears a mask and shield.

Laser Zone

  • Wolverine's door now stays up on its own again.
  • It still has some alignment issues that Mike is planning to look at Thursday
  • Bumblebee is temporarily down, probably a fuse in the chiller. Expected to be back up by Friday.


  • How about some Sewing get togetherness on Discord? If you're doing anything there or hosting on twitch or YouTube, consider posting to slack or email or even the calendar if it's an event type thing... So that we can find and join you. We don't have to wait for in-person stuff to sew together.


  • Jan is starting a video series for i3 on the expansion.
- i3Detroit : Expansion Quest is one title idea.
- Growing Pains: A Diary of i3Detroit's Expansion is another.

- First step is gathering notes from email and slack to create a timeline of sorts. It won't be a physical timeline. It's just assembling notes to make a compelling story for video w/pictures, about the journey to this point. - Then episode two is about the circles we're taking in the quest for the CoO. Probably with some video of B in the current state. - and so on, as we have work progress and other updates. - I'm inspired by DIY vloggers renovating old chateaux. See: Doing It Ourselves on YouTube if you're curious. - I think we can have a compelling story here to share! I'm learning as I'm going, so I'd be happy to work with others on this project. - sorry for the weird formatting ???


Broom Party

Lost & Found Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed:2155
  • Attendees:15

Action Item Summary

  • Mike will contact the zone coordinators and coordinate a review of zone covid policies.
  • Mel will begin the update process for the minor waiver.
  • Jamie will bring up the allowing minors into the space at the next board meeting.
  • Matt will set up either an online meeting or a message thread soliciting ideas on how to implement a covid friendly on boarding process.

No action items.

Proposal Summary

ProposalMoved BySeconded ByAyeNayResult
I move that we strike the text " in-person classes, tours, in-person member onboarding activities," from point 2 of the COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan.CharlieA’LisaxxTabled
Table the prior motion to strike restrictions on in person activitiesA’LisaMel91PASS


  1. Jamie
  2. Que
  1. David
  2. Charlie
  3. Matt
  4. Gregory
  5. Mike
  6. A’Lisa
  7. Mel
  8. Jody
  9. Robert
  10. Lewis
  11. Jan
  12. Jeff

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