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Agenda for 06-06-2017

Chair: David Henry


Experienced Members

  • Matt C is the membership coordinator, he joined i3 about 2 years ago and is interested in electronics and CNC
  • Augie has been a member for a year and change, and this is the first meeting he's managed to make it to. He likes woodworking.

New Members & Guests

  • Brian is joining tonight and found i3 via google. Likes working with his hands.
  • Jessica heard about i3 from a friend. She's a hodge podge artist, she likes to mix things together
  • Andy is in the member process, and is interested in the laser
  • Evan is a new member, laser and woodworking
  • Andrew is in the membership process, he heard about i3 from a make-a-thon
  • Andy L. is a brand new member, he's into microcontrollers, python, and other things
  • Jonathan is an older member who's just come back recently

Show and Tell

  • David - laser cut, mechanically animated costume cat sign

Old Business

  • n/a

New Business


Next Meeting Theme

James: We still don't have a theme for the third tuesday meeting--have any ideas?


  • Amelia Meyer is missing a Brady label maker identical to the one the Infrastructure zone is also missing. Seriously, WTF. Please to be returning. They're bright yellow and pretty expensive.


  • Amelia Meyer and his dad help run a sailboat racing fleet called CreekFleet on Stony Creek Metropark in Shelby Township (26 Mile and Mound, or so)
    • You are invited!
      • If you have a ramp-launchable boat, bring it along!
      • If you want to learn to sail, or want to help crew, we are always looking for people to crew on boats
    • Thursday evenings
      • First race starts at 18:30
      • No races will start after 20:00
      • Races are generally around 30 minutes
      • Show up around 17:00-17:30 to get on a boat or to launch
    • Regattas on the third Sundays of June, July, and August
      • Races start around 10:00
      • Bring your own lunch
      • No races will start after 16:00
      • June/August are at Stony Creek; July is on Lake St. Clair out of Brandenburg State Park

Zone updates

Compute Zone

  • New terminal running
    • Scan, print, browse...
    • Thanks Evan for building terminal setup
  • Lots of 24" and 36" inch paper in stock including glossy photo paper
  • James is looking for help to build a rack to store the paper

Craft Room

Sewing: The "stuff is missing" report

  • USB for 4D software is still missing. We may get a replacement of same through donation but even if that happens we are crowdfunding for a new software that doesn't have a proprietary key. It uses a login on a computer. Cost is about $550-600. When we have enough in the fund we will purchase the system. Capabilities will return us to where we were with custom work plus additional functions.
  • Also the 100x100 embroidery hoop is half missing -- the piece that runs on the outside and clamps the fabric in. It's not in the drawer where we keep them and hasn't been found elsewhere in the craft room. It's bizarre that half of it is missing. A replacement of the set is $40 and any overages from the Embird software crowdfund would go toward the purchase. Until then you can use the larger hoops for a logo but it will take more stabilizer for the same task.
  • A ruler that was kept in the craft room is missing. It was approximately 6" x 18" and had red lines and lettering on it. If you see this ruler in the space, please return it to the craft room.
  • Remember that if you use needles, thread, stabilizer or any consumable plus hours on the machine, to drop a replacement amount in the donation box to cover purchase of needles, thread, stabilizer, other craft room consumables and machine maintenance as that is where the funding will come from for those things for the time being.

Electronics Lab

  • Some new parts are being added
    • Battery holders of various types, including with switches
    • Some more H-bridge motor drivers
  • Have parts requests? Get in touch via slack or email!

Fab Lab

  • 3D printing!
    • Thanks to Paul Frick to getting the Rostock MAX that final, crucial bit to working
    • Lots of people want training on the Rostock; fill out this WhenIsGood link by 2017-06-09 23:59:59 EST if you are interested
  • Laser engraving!
  • Housekeeping!
    • Please keep the shiny new sliding door fully closed as much of the time as possible; the AC unit is there for dryness, and an open door is counterproductive


  • New network switch is in, we now have one spare good one for when we expand the space and one backup if we need it
  • Missing tools:
    • Brady Label Maker. Purchased with i3 funds, not approved to be taken out of i3 ever and not to be left outside of the infrastructure cabinet when you are done with it.

Laser Zone

  • Bumblebee is back up! We have two working big lasers again!
    • The same fix was also applied to Wolverine to hopefully address the occasional issue where the laser head would shift it's origin in the middle of a job. Let Mike know if you still encounter this problem.
  • Lasers continue to see heavy use with 20+ hours reserved for many of the past weeks.
    • How is this system working for you? How is having one laser open use and the other reservable? Does that create any issues or conflicts? Let Mike know.

Media Lab

  • New Media Zone Computer built
    • i5 Baby Lake
    • 16 GB RAM
    • 2 TB Hard Drive
    • Four monitors
    • Thanks to Andrew for loaning us PC parts to complete the build including a good graphics card
  • Lots of software
    • Audacity
    • Blender
    • GIMP
    • Run Adobe Suite on the Adobe VM
    • DaVinci Resolve
  • Ready to use
  • Still need peripherals

Tool Crib

  • The next step in hanging tools on the wall is putting up more plywood between the shelves and the existing wood boards (where the clock is)
  • Missing tools:
    • One Milwaukee drill/driver and battery
    • 8lb sledge hammer (not the big 12lb one) These tools have not been approved to be taken out of the space for longer than several hours, No tools are allowed to be left out of the zone after you are done using them for the day without prior approval even if they are left in other zones.


i3 MotorSports

  • Maker Faire is coming! The Number 3 car has been to many past faires. Is anyone interested in championing this this year? The previous champion, Matt H, is in retirement.


  • This week is sewing night on Wednesday from 7-10.


Broom Party

Lost & Found Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 7:58
  • Attendees: 13

Action Item Summary

No action items.

Proposal Summary

No proposals.


  1. Andrew M
  2. David H
  3. Kevin F
  4. Rob L
  5. Bryan B
  6. Mike F
  7. Matt S
  8. Augie E
  9. Evan P
  10. Andy K
  11. Jonathan L
  12. Dave S
  13. James O
  14. Andy L

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