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Agenda for 02-05-2019

Chair: Lew


Introduction of i3

  • Charlie talks about what i3 is.

Experienced Members

  • Jamie hasn't been around much the past 6 months, but she's back today. She's been a board member and secretary. She likes to laser cut things made of math.
  • Art(sNCrash) is one of the member advocates. He recently fell on the ice recently and messed up his knee, so hasn't been around much lately.
  • Paul is one of the board members and is also VP of activities and classes.
  • Jen has been a member for a year and a half or so and her specialty is sewing and fabric arts. She's teaching a basic sewing night tonight and another class tomorrow.
  • Nes is the coordinator of the ceramics zone and she's doing a workshop on Friday night.

New Members & Guests

  • Santana is in the process of joining. He does a lot of wood-working. He's got a jewelry box he made for show and tell. He repairs pinball machines, and he's a math major.
  • Bryan does a lot of woodworking. He put a lot of his past projects up on his wiki page.

Show and Tell

  • Nes has a pretty purple ceramic mug.
  • David has several things:
    • Re-fired ceramic plates to restore glaze shine. Re-glazed plate is very shiny.
    • Burroughs plaque from an old computer he found in the basement
    • Aluminum travel boxes - smaller versions of the huge aluminum wheeled wardrobes.

Old Business

  • n/a

New Business

Upcoming Events


  • February 23rd Noon-6PM
  • T Minus 18 Days
  • Clean and maintain our current space

Event Calendar

Wednesday, Feb 6
7:30-8:30PM Sewing 101: Can I Even Machine?
Thursday, Feb 7
7-10(?)PM Game Night
7:30-9:30PM Meta-Floorplanning Meeting
Friday, Feb 8
6-9PM Friday Night Tours
7-9PM Open Craft Room
7-9PM Knife Sharpening Class
Saturday, Feb 9
10:30AM-2:30PM Sterling Silver Bracelet Class (Day 1 of 2-day class)
1-4PM Detroit Autonomous Vehicle Group Meetup
1-5PM Letterpress Stamp Class
4-6PM Stitch'N'B!t¢ħ
Sunday, Feb 10
10:30AM-2:30PM Sterling Silver Bracelet Class (Day 2)
2-5PM i3 Motorsports
2-7PM Sew It's Sunday
Monday, Feb 11
7-9PM Ham Radio General Class License Class (Week 2)
Tuesday, Feb 12
7:30PM February Board Meeting
Wednesday, Feb 13
7-10PM (Most likely will get cancelled so check the calendar first) i3Detroit Sewing's Semi-Monthly Sew-up
Thursday, Feb 14
7:30-9:30PM Meta-Floorplanning Meeting
Friday, Feb 15
6-9PM Friday Night Tours
7-9PM Open Craft Room
Saturday, Feb 16
1-4PM Eastern Michigan Python Users' Group (EMPUG) Meetup
Sunday, Feb 17
2-5PM i3 Motorsports
Monday, Feb 18
7-9PM Ham Radio General Class License Class (Week 3)
Tuesday, Feb 19
7:30PM February Third Tuesday Member Meeting

Expansion Status Updates

Overview of current status, meta-planning committee (I plan to update this more before the meeting starts, if not I apologize to whoever is taking minutes) Mtfurlan (talk)

  • We don't have a lease yet, but we expect it to happen soon. They're still moving out next door. bang crash noise from next door as they are actively working there now
  • There's a committee on meta-floorplanning meeting on Thursdays to discuss the process of floorplanning

Update on Schedule

Green rows have been added since last meeting.

Completion Target (With respect to lease signing) Description Responsible
Now(ish) DONE Inspection of space to locate any potential issues with structure Infrastructure
Now(ish) DONE Negotiate with B. Nektar to buy electrical panels so they don’t tear them out and we have to put new ones in Infrastructure
-1 week DONE Contact Ferndale to clarify requirements for move (new occupancy certificate, etc.) Mike F.
Week 0 Lease on 1481B officially begins Board
+1 week Acquire new Certificate of Occupancy from Ferndale Mike F.
+1 week Full building blueprint with dimensions and locations of important building features Infrastructure
+1 week Possible safety hazards in new space located Safety Committee
+1 week Identification of buffer areas around doors, electrical panels, and other infrastructure components Infrastructure
+2 weeks Tables and extension cords moved into 1481B (members working in this area may be moved around - infrastructure projects have right-of-way) TBD
+2 weeks Location of reservable workspaces selected TBD
+3 weeks Camera installation locations chosen (prioritizing entrances to 1481B) Infrastructure & Membership vote
+3 weeks Approve rules for rentable workspace Membership vote
+3 weeks Potlock - Complete tasks identified in previous weeks Everybody!
+4 weeks Reservations open for private workspaces (term begins first day of month following lease signing - occupants not to move in before this date) TBD
End of 1st month Review of status to date, long term schedule created for rest of move-in year TBD

Matt C. (talk)

Zone updates

CNC Zone

  • Haas is under going a few repairs, coolant pump motor and oil pressure switch, and is operational during this.
  • The pallet changer base has been removed from the Haas table and it will be scrapped as no bites on selling it last 2 months. As a result of removing the base the flatness of the machine table is outstanding! Within 0.0005 inches overall.
  • Looking for members to help with authorizing users and updating Wiki. See ZC Thad Johnson for details.
  • Need to do a trial run with VCarve for wood router prior to getting super discount of VCarve Pro for Maker Spaces. See ZC Thad Johnson for details.
  • Still getting a steady stream of members wanting to get authorized on both the Haas and the wood router.

Craft Room

  • Sewing - serger is out for service, Diamond is back, SE is running, contact for embroidery training.

Electronics Lab

  • Anyone interested in open-source FPGA toolchains, pop into #elab on Slack and let's talk!
  • If you want to teach something electronics-related, do that too!
  • Thank-you to everyone who uses the lab and leaves it clean and awesome.

Injection Molding

  • Larger injection molding machine will be sold/scrapped due to lack of controls. Building the controls here has been discussed for several years with numerous members and while feasible, it is too time consuming to do it properly. We have access to a larger molder offsite, if needed, via a joint partnership with 3 current i3 members.
  • Small molder is working fine and will be going back into production soon running Minecraft Figures and First Robotics Tank Treads.
  • The second small molder will be taken out of i3 in the first half of this year as it is a joint member owned machine and will be run off site.
  • The large injection mold that has been in the CNC Zone has been taken to a local molding shop to help with production supply.

Jewelry Zone

  • Two-day bracelet/stone-setting workshop is coming up on Saturday, Feb. 9

Laser Zone

  • Thanks to everyone who has been using and manitaining and not breaking Bumblebee.
  • Tube for Wolverine is still in Customs Hell.

Vinyl Zone

  • Everything is working great!
  • Did you know that the software on the Vinyl Zone laptop is great at making vector files out of bitmaps?
  • Contact the ZC on slack #vinyl_zone with any questions

Space Project Updates

  • n/a



  • Sewing classes tonight and tomorrow. Sewing on Sunday February 10 and on March 10, Tutu class set for March 30, beginner sewing workshops on April 23 and April 27. Watch the calendar, Gmail lists and slack for updates.


Broom Party

Lost & Found Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 7:50
  • Attendees: 16

Action Item Summary

No action items.

Proposal Summary

No proposals.


  1. Jamie B
  2. David H
  3. Samantha B
  4. Bryan W
  5. Paul L
  6. Santana S
  7. Mike F
  8. Mark F
  9. Nes L
  10. Steve N
  11. Frank L
  12. Cameron G
  13. Brian L
  14. Dave S
  15. Matt C
  16. Charlie R
  17. Lew D

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