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Agenda for 01-15-2019

Chair: Vivian


Experienced Members

  • Art is one of the Member Advocates, and he thanks Vivian for helping him out in the wood shop today. On the Member Advocate position, we're not a police force, we're a communication tool. We don't have authority to do anything to anybody, except to try to facilitate communication. We're insulated from the members and the Board, so they don't hear anything. Come to us if you have a problem with anyone in the community. We want to help, so please come to us, that's the only way we can help.
  • Amelia (Lego) is the Fab Lab coordinator (AKA the big white box that people on tours always miss) where we keep the 3d printers and two little laser cutters.

New Members Guests

  • Austin is joining tonight.
  • Joey is in the process of joining and has a background in theater and film
  • Richard joined a couple months ago but is still new.
  • Brian is in the process of joining
  • Zach is here to check i3 out tonight, he just moved to the area, and he used to own a machine shop.
  • Todd is here visiting from a makerspace in Baltimore. He's into making replica movie props. His space is celebrating its 10 year aniversary this year, and he's here tonight and interested to talk about running makerspaces.

Show and Tell

New Business

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, Jan 15
7:30PM This meeting
After the meeting: sugar scrub and soap making
Wednesday, Jan 16
7-10PM i3Detroit Semi-monthly Sew-Up
Thursday, Jan 17
7-10PM Games Night
Friday, Jan 18
6-9PM Friday Night Tours
7-9PM Open Craft Room
Saturday, Jan 19
1-4PM Eastern Michigan Python Users' Group Meetup
Sunday, Jan 20
2-5PM i3 Motorsports Meetup
4-7PM Intro to Welding Class--Sign up at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/intro-to-welding-mig-tickets-54890296354
Tuesday, Jan 22
7:30-? PM Project Club
Friday, Jan 25
6-9PM Friday Night Tours
7-9PM Open Craft Room
Saturday, Jan 26
1-4PM Detroit Autonomous Vehicle Group Meetup
4-6PM Stitch'N'B!t¢ħ
Sunday, Jan 27
2-5PM i3 Motorsports Meetup
Tuesday, Jan 29
Fifth Tuesday Fifths (Unofficial)
Wednesday, Jan 30
7-10PM i3Detroit Sewing Semi-Monthly Sew-Up
Friday, Feb 1
6-9PM Friday Night Tours
7-9PM Open Craft Room
Sunday, Feb 3
12-2PM i3 Aerospace SIG Tech Presentation
2-5PM i3 Motorsports Meetup
Monday, Feb 4
7-9PM General Class Amateur Radio License Class (by Hazel Park Amateur Radio Club)
Tuesday, Feb 5
7:30PM February First Tuesday Meeting (Whew!)
Saturday, Feb 9
Letterpress Valentine's Workshop (afternoon)

Dues Increase

  • At the board meeting it was voted on to increase dues to 59USD/month effective march first.
  • We won't be ready to do it by then, so we're just going to vote on raising it sometime this year.

Mtfurlan (talk)

  • Dues are codified in the Bylaws and will require separate votes of both the membership and the board to approve. Mkfink (talk)
  • Greg: Do we have a written business plan to justify the increase?
  • Mark: I'm not sure what that would be.
  • Greg: The business plan takes all of that and puts it together into a written document that explains how we're expanding and how we're paying for it. You'd need a business plan to get a loan from a bank.
  • Mark: A lot of that is in the budget meeting minutes.
Action Item: Vivian - Work with the Board to put together a business plan pertaining to expansion


Overview of what the other side has Mtfurlan (talk)

Approximate dimensioned drawing of A side and B side


  • A few members were able to visit and look at the space next door.
  • We are planning to sign a lease before the end of the month, and it should start February 1.
  • Crane (not on map) - extends from the garage bay door all the way to the back of the building
  • Power
    • Four 240V drops
    • 1 120V drop
    • 240V 3 phase on some walls
  • Drains: Many in the NW, floor/mop sink under treehouse
  • Nicer floor in terms of smoothness, probably more grime though
  • Treehouse-like space: Nicer stairs, similar to ours, iffy floors
  • Front office: nice woodish floor + aircon + outside door
  • Tall double door sized hole between wood shop and new side. 81" wide
  • Small bathroom
  • Outside door on the back
  • Proposed rentable storage plots will be discussed at the next Board meeting. The initial idea is 15 5'x10' spaces in the northwest. This is a thing people asked for and we won't be using all the floorspace immediately.
  • Greg: That's something that should go into a business plan
  • Mark: We're planning to charge a bit above self-storage rates but below rentable personal small office space
  • Lew: What's the rent going to be?
  • Jody: For the first year, $2400 for our current (A) side and $1850 for the B Side.
  • Vivian: how did people visit?
  • Mark: Brad happened to come over, and Evan is talking to him about purchasing some of the electrical that Brad was planning to tear out. Brad is very busy right now, so scheduling more time with him to let us in may be hard.
  • Lego: From slack, where is floorplanning being discussed?
  • There's an #expansion_plans Slack Channel, and the Board will be discussing it at the next meeting.

Preliminary Timeline for next door

Overall, the plan is to, in the first month, to get the space there up to a usable space to work.

Completion Target (With respect to lease signing) Description Responsible
Now(ish) Inspection of space to locate any potential issues with structure Infrastructure
Now(ish) Negotiate with B. Nektar to buy electrical panels so they don’t tear them out and we have to put new ones in Infrastructure
-1 week Contact Ferndale to clarify requirements for move (new occupancy certificate, etc.) TBD
Week 0 Lease on 1481B officially begins Board
+1 week Full building blueprint with dimensions and locations of important building features Infrastructure
+1 week Possible safety hazards in new space located Safety Committee
+1 weeks Identification of buffer areas around doors, electrical panels, and other infrastructure components Infrastructure
+2 weeks Tables and extension cords moved into 1481B (members working in this area may be moved around - infrastructure projects have right-of-way) TBD
+2 weeks Location of reservable workspaces selected TBD
+3 weeks Camera installation locations chosen (prioritizing entrances to 1481B) Infrastructure & Membership vote
+3 weeks Approve rules for rentable workspace Membership vote
+3 weeks Potlock - Complete tasks identified in previous weeks Everybody!
+4 weeks Reservations open for private workspaces (term begins first day of month following lease signing - occupants not to move in before this date) TBD
End of 1st month Review of status to date, long term schedule created for rest of move-in year TBD

New Zones

Mtfurlan (talk)

A while ago there was a survey for the new things people wanted but we didn't have space for.

These are the top results:

  • Water Jet
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Finishing(Paint/Powder coat/etc)
  • Automotive
  • Forge
  • Foundry
  • Metal Finishing
  • Sewing

They will not happen unless someone champions them.

  • For right now, just think about if you're willing to do that.
  • It will involve working out the floorspace and adjacency needs of a new zone, and how loud/dirty/cleanly it is.
  • Also find somewhere to get money for it, we don't have much to allocate right now.
  • If anyone wants to take that on, speak up and talk to a member of the board
  • Robert: What about current zones that want more space?
  • Mark: That will be in the long term planning. Don't focus specicially on where you want to be in the building, but what you want the zone to have.
  • The Machine Shop is having an informal meeting this Thursday to talk about plans for expansion.
  • If you have ideas for that, or other zones, please communicate them to zone coordinators.

Zone updates

Craft Room

  • Sewing dept: new serger is here, but not open for use yet. After a setup period, sessions will open for one-to-one authorization lessons. This one has an additional function as it has 8 threads versus four. But it will take two different training sessions to be fully authorized. A use fee will be established to fund regular service.
  • New embroidery machine sounds like it's ready for pickup. Users who trained with Liz are encouraged to continue their practice on the SE so that they may graduate to the Diamond training per the training schedule Liz proposed.

Electronics Lab

  • Lots of new components on order, thanks to A'Lisa for mentioning the empty drawer.
  • New air regulator for the desoldering station will be on site later this week.
  • Thank you to everyone who helps leave the lab better than they found it!

Commons Area

  • Mike: Ross told me today he cleaned out the trap on the big multi-bay sink. It was full of metal shavings. That's not acceptable to dump down the drain.
  • Karianne: It wasn't clogged yesterday but was today.
  • Suggestion that it may have been from metal shop, jewelery, or CNC?
  • David: Maybe someone was cleaning and dumped the bucket in the sink.
  • Suggestion that a mesh covering for the drains.

Fab Lab



  • Classes:
    • Please DM Amelia Meyer with class requests
    • I expect at least a basic printing class sometime in the next month
    • Maybe CAD for printing?
  • Zone upkeep:
    • Pleasepleasepleaseplease leave a note identifying yourself on the printer if you leave a job
    • Thanks for keeping things clean and tidy
    • Thanks for chipping in on funds

Laser Zone

  • Laser tube is still stuck in customs hell, probably government shutdown related. Also, there's now a 25% import tariff on laser equipment from China, so this tube costs an extra $300. Politics makes the laser zone sad.

Media Lab

  • New ink for the plotter is ink, but we're going to try to get the last ink out of the cartridges that are in it.
  • There's been some talk about possibly moving the smaller printers into the media lab to keep them more clear from dust.

Vinyl Zone

  • FYI the heat press is fixed and working
  • Vinyl cutter is operating perfectly well.
  • Coordinator is seeking input into what features to look for in a new vinyl cutter.
  • Reminder that training is not required to use this zone. Training is available to anyone who would like it.

Welding Zone

  • Weld zone is working and classes are continuing.
  • Keep asking for more classes!



If you want to make cars go zoom, hang out with us tonight or on Sundays.

Car 13

  • We're using 18650 batteries, so we have a spot welder to weld them on.
  • We're planning to use a VESC 6 for the motor controllers and buy a BMS for the short term goals of zoom.

Car 3

  • Mark finished cleaning up welds and needs to remember to paint it at some point.


  • We had a couple members get trained this weekend. Contact Ashley if you need training, although her focus will be on class prep for the next couple weeks.
  • Planning a Valentine's class using the laser cutter and press Feb 9. Rolling timeslots through the afternoon. BYO digital art (vector). Further details TBD.

U of M SSW Project

  • The student started this past Friday, and he's gotten a good overview of the space so far. He'll be starting to work with Lew on leather soon. His name is Dan.


Broom Party

Lost Found Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:20
  • Attendees: 27

Action Item Summary

Action ItemPOC
Work with the Board to put together a business plan pertaining to expansionVivian

Proposal Summary

No proposals.


  1. LiZ C
  2. Nate B
  3. Jeff P
  4. Jody R
  5. Matt G
  6. Mark F
  7. Paul L
  8. Greg G
  9. Kevin F
  10. Robert B
  11. Joey M
  12. Zach K
  13. Lew D
  14. Brian P
  15. Greg S
  16. Arthur M
  17. Austin A
  18. Richard H
  19. Jan H
  20. David H
  21. Matt C
  22. Amelia M
  23. Ross T
  24. Karianne G
  25. Mike F
  26. Vivian S
  27. Todd

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