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Zone Information
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Zone Name Tool Crib
Status Active
Zone Slogan "I'm a lame zone with no slogan"
Zone Coordinator(s) Dave Hurt
Zone Slack #tool-crib
Zone E-mail

Zone Color DeepPink
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Welcome to the Tool Crib! We have many small tools and consumables for the use of the members who are at the space working on projects. Please remember to always clear the workbenches after you're done!

West Wall
North Wall
South Wall

Wanted Tools

Please list any tools you think we may be lacking, include quantities for things relevant to that and links if available.

  • name - description of tool
  • T20 long shank driver (not bit)
  • both style de-burring tool
  • step drills (and conical)
  • standard style allen wrenches (full set, both)
  • T-handle style allen wrenches (full set, both)
  • miluakee cordless router
  • straws for sprayers
  • replacement wrenches

Also check out our wishlist for specific tools and bins that we could use

Borrowing Tools

Please be aware that tools at i3 are not for loan and are not to be removed from the space without the express written consent of the tool zone warden.


Power Tools

Quantity Brand Part Number Description Ownership
1 Dewalt DWD210G Corded Drill i3
1 Ryobi P206 Half inch drill i3
1 Milwaukee 2601-20 Half Inch Driver Drill i3
1 Milwaukee 2606-20 Half Inch Drill/Driver i3
1 Milwaukee 2902-20 Half Inch Hammer Drill/Driver i3
1 Rigid R86034 Impact Driver i3
1 Rigid R8611501 Hammer Drill i3
7 Ryobi unk 18v nicad battery i3
1 Ryobi P110 18V nicad battery charger i3
1 Rigid R840093 Lithium/Nicad Battery Charger i3
1 Rigid R840085 18V Lithiom ion i3
2 Milwaukee 48-59-1812 M12/M18 charger i3
2 Milwaukee 48-11-1815 M18 Lithium battery i3
1 Makita DC10WA Lithium ion charger i3
1 Makita BL1013 10.8 Lithium ion battery i3
1 Chicago 95020 Electric Palm Sander i3
1 Craftsman 973.11137 Cordless Screwdriver i3
1 Rockwell RK5140K Oscillating tool Amelia Meyer
1 [Chinese] DM-11 Electric Engraver i3
1 Dremel 395.5 Rotary Tool i3
1 Alltrade unk Rotary Tool i3
1 Proxxon IBS/E Rotary Tool i3
1 Ryobi P501 Cordless Circular Saw i3
1 Rotozip RZ20 Rotozip Ted Hansen
1 Wagner PT3500 Heat Gun i3
1 Makita JR3050T Corded Reciprocating Saw i3
1 Porter Cable PC600JS Jigsaw i3
1 Craftsman 315.10712 Jigsaw i3
1 Skil 4690 Jigsaw Steve Brook
1 Chicago 4042 Corded Circular Saw Ted Hansen
1 Milwaukee 6753-1 Screw Shooter i3
1 Ryobi P512 Cordless Jigsaw i3
1 Craftsman 315.117151 Belt Sander i3
1 Rigid unk SeeSnake Micro Eric Merrill
1 Cen-tech 66632 Photo Sensing Tachometer Ted Hansen
1 Cen-tech 99722 OBDII Reaer Ted Hansen
1 Ryobi P600 Cordless Router i3
1 Ryobi P703 Cordless Light i3
2 Ryobi P700 Cordless light i3
1 Ryobi JM82 Biscuit Joiner i3
1 Woodworking Products ANK Air Nailer Greg
1 Milwaukee 6519-30 Sawzall Reciprocating Saw i3
1 HDX HDX123 23-gauge air pin nailer i3
1 HDX HDXST9032 18-gauge 1.25" air stapler i3
1 HDX HDXBR50 18-gauge 2" air brad nailer i3
1 HDX HDXFN64 16-gauge 2.5" air straight finish nailer i3
1 Zircon 58029 Stud Sensor i3
1 Cen-tech unk IR thermometer Len
1 Central Pneumatic 47869 1/8" Air micro die grinder Len
1 Chicago Pneumatic CP874 Cut-off tool i3
1 Central Pneumatic 91753/113 High speed pneumatic metal saw Ted Hansen
1 Central Pneumatic 66871 Touchup air spray gun i3
1 unk unk air nibbler Ted Hansen
1 central pneumatic 96661 air nibbler i3


PPE is free for use and covered in your membership dues. Suggested donations for certain consumable items are labelled.

Quantity Brand Part Number Description
20 3M 8210 Disposable Particulate Respirator-N95
3 Hard Hat
1 MSA Reusable Respirator
2.5 Kneepads (Pair)
5 "Hearing Protection, Reusable"
1 Moldex 6645 500 pair disposable earplug dispenser
2 Kevlar Arm guards
A bunch Work Gloves
A bunch Grippy Gloves

Hand Tools

This is an incomplete list of all of the hand tools contained in the Tool Crib

Quantity Brand Part Number Description Ownership
0 Rags i3
Tire Patch Kit i3
Klein Tools 56206 "1/2"" Conduit bender" i3 (Nick B?)
Klein Tools 56207 "3/4"" Conduit Bender" Nate B
Kreg Pocket Screw Jig Set Chris Allington (Greg?)
US General 95575 3 ounce mini grease gun i3
2 unk unk High capacity grease gun i3
3 Jumper Cables i3
Gear Puller i3
Automotive tools i3
2 Finishing Trowel i3
Grout Trowel i3
Big trowel i3
Phillips Screwdrivers i3
Flathead Screwdrivers i3
Combination Wrench Set-Metric i3
Combination Wrench Set-SAE i3
2 Crow Bars Nate B
Black Rubber mallet-large i3
Black Rubber Mallet-small i3
Tan Rubber Mallet-large i3
Tan Rubber Mallet-small i3
1 Kobalt Ball-peen hammer Amelia Meyer
2 Framing Hammer i3
2 Hacksaws i3
2 Coping Saw i3
3 Standard Wood Saw i3
Carpet Glue Roller i3
Ductwork Crimper i3
Long-handled screwdrivers i3
3 Chalk line i3
3 Pipe Cutter i3
Stud Remover set i3
Nipple Remover set i3
"1/4"" Hex Drivers" i3
Drill Bits i3
Masonry Drill Bits i3
Punches i3
"1/4"" Hex Bits" i3
Files i3
Rasps i3
Pry Bars i3
Allen Keys i3
Allen Sets i3
Knives i3
Impact Sockets i3
Non-impact Sockets i3
Ratchets i3
Wire Brushes i3
Drywall Saws i3
Hole Saws i3
Staplers i3
Chisels i3
Putty Knives i3
"18"" pipe wrench" i3
"14"" pipe wrench" i3
"10"" pipe wrench" i3
"8"" pipe wrench" i3
stilson pipe wrench i3
2 Strap wrenches i3
Cable cutters i3
Pop rivet gun i3
Tin snips i3
Channel locks i3
Slip joint pliers i3
Crescent wrenches i3
Vise grips i3
Needle nose pliers i3
Wire strippers i3
Measuring tapes i3
Calipers i3
Hose cutters i3
Dremel bit set i3

Locksmithing Tools

We have a box of locksmithing stuff.

  • Repinning kit
  • Book on locksmithing
  • several locks/cores+keys
    • several utility locks
    • Old moneybox locks
    • spare moneybox locks
    • spare vending machine locks
    • non-latching electrical connection locks
    • A few cores that probably fit doors and such
  • Key blanks (mostly automotive, but has some SC1, KW1, and assorted yale)
  • lockpicks
  • bump keys for SC1 and KW1

We don't currently have a way to cut keys, but we do have grinders, and bitting measurements are public information.

Please do not remove any of the tools from the box, take the box with you if you're working on something.


Bike Tools

Quantity Part Number Description
1 Unknown 4 5 6 mm Y allen wrench
1 Park CN-10 cable/housing cutter
1 Park BT-2 cable tensioner ("third hand")
1 Unknown axle wrench
1 Park HCW-5 bottom bracket tool
1 Park PW-3 pedal wrench
1 Bike Hand YC-501A Chain whip
1 Schrader air chuck connected to compressed air
2 Park CT-3.2/CT-1 Chain breaker
1 Bike Hand YC-335 Chain master linke tool for chains that have the master link side plates
1 IceToolz headset bearing extractor
1 Unknown cleaning brush
1 Park SPA-1 Bottom bracket pin spanner
1 Park TS-8 Wheel truing stand
1 Park PCS-10 work stand
1 tire irons (Pedros plastic and misc)
2 Misc spoke wrenches
1 Unknown Freewheel removal tool
1 Shimano cassette removal tool
1 Park CM-5.2 Chain cleaner
1 Park TM-1 spoke tension gauge
1 Park 1059 spoke gauge tool and tension meter conversion table

Table of Equipment

Equipment Authorization Owner(s) Status
Plumbing Tools - Faucet Valve Seat Wrench No Ted Hansen Running

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