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Agenda for 12-03-2019

Chair: A’lisa

    • Meeting opened at 1938


  • Check if the stream is up and announce who's viewing from remote
    • No stream

Introduction of i3Detroit

  • Presented by A’lisa.

Experienced Members

  • Jamie B.
  • Jody R.
  • Paul L.
  • Kevin F.
  • Bryan W.

New Members & Guests

  • Ron
  • Rami
  • Rob
  • Andy
  • Neal

Show and Tell

  • David H, travel wardrobe.
  • Bryan W, Great lake sign.

Old Business

  • None

New Business

Upcoming Events

  • Troop 188 would like to come in again
    • Jan 28 or Feb 25, 6pm
    • Amelia's dad's Scouts BSA troop
    • Troop provides completed waivers and a minimum adult to minor ratio.
    • General member agreement to allow BSA troop acess.
  • Upcoming events

Zone updates

Commons Area

  • Graveyard policy reminder, Please utilize #stuff exchange to share possible useful stuff with the membership. Graveyard is only for stuff that is in disuse that is already present in the space.
  • Door propping, Only prop the door when actively moving objects in or out of the space.
  • Guests Policy, All guest must always be signed in, and remember that you are responsible for your guests actions. Preferably sign in people you are familiar with. Any member may ask any guest to leave for any reason at any time.
  • Dog cot, now available to membership. Standard dog rules apply.
  • Borrowing space equipment. Alway contact zone coordinator, and fallow their direction on other steps to inform the membership.

Craft Room

  • Sewing
- additions to the pattern library! These are physical patterns. Please preserve the instructions and to use your size, trace the lines you need on the tracing paper so others can have access to the original pattern.
- Someone donated busks
- Scrap and fabric drawer has been updated with new donations
- Remember the Designer 1 sewing machine - it still needs funding to purchase

Fab Lab

  • Things are good! Lots of busy on the printers.
  • I would like to correct the process for the FSLaser though; No need to plug the cable into your laptop, just use it on the network.

Kiln Zone

  • All Kilns are working, Thanks to John , and Thomas

Welding Zone

  • Tig repair estimate, shows that it is more to repair than to buy new.
  • Mig machine is capable of welding aluminum
  • Still haven’t burned the building down


  • Wiki wipe out, Lose of 2 weeks of wiki edits due to computer failure.
  • Jamie will be sending out reminder emails to people who made edits, to try and recover lost changes

Space Project Updates

  • Expansion work slow due to holidays
  • Looking for help to move a power meter to bside to monitor landlord use.



  • planning a corset workshop "study group" - in person meetups will start in January
  • planning a scrap swap event
  • will be scheduling a body double workshop soon


Broom Party

Lost & Found Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 2019
  • Attendees: 26
  1. Kevin F
  2. Mike F
  3. Andrew L
  4. Alec B
  5. Eva B
  6. Mel G
  7. Sam W
  8. Jeff P
  9. Greg G
  10. Joseph V
  11. Bryan W
  12. Rafi S
  13. Neil M
  14. Drew A
  15. Bradley W
  16. Paul L
  17. Jody R
  18. Ramin M
  19. Robert C
  20. Andy L
  21. Rufus T
  22. Amelia M
  23. David H
  24. Jan H
  25. A’lisa K

Action Item Summary

No action items.

Proposal Summary

No proposals.



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