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Agenda for 11-05-2019

Chair: A’Lisa Krawciw

Meeting called to order at 1932


  • Check if the stream is up and announce who's viewing from remote

Introduction of i3Detroit

  • Presented by Kevin Fanning
    • Welcome everyone!

Experienced Members

  • A’Lisa Krawciw, Vice President
  • Jody Raiford, Treasurer
  • Mel Gilchrist, Board Member
  • Thomas Tusano, Board Member and Wood ZC

New Members & Guests

  • Katyln Guest
  • William onboarding guest
  • David onboarding guest
  • Ben J onboarding guest

Show and Tell

  • Leather Hat - Jan / David
  • Diy Microscope - David Bowden
  • Vest made from misorder fabric - Jen
  • Flex suit - A’Lisa

Old Business

  • None

New Business

  • None

Upcoming Events


  • L.U. Cymry just needs a clarification on the long term status of the HP oversize printer that has been parked in the classroom the last several months.

CNC Zone

  • After months of being down the Haas is back up!....pretty much. The serial port communication issue seems to be resolved. Still logging time on it before a complete celebration, but feel very confident. Jim Kemp spent several days analyzing the problem and he finally focused on the main board to find the trouble spot. He then designed and built an add on circuit board to address the issue. This will save us thousands of $$$. The "pretty much" part is now the monitor is "flat lining". This usually corrects itself with a reboot but is becoming more frequent and troublesome. Evan is helping us with trouble shooting.
  • Gerotech, the local Haas distributor was kind enough to donate a used but working video board that has the hardware to add an A drive that can be configured to have a USB input. This would be helpful for bypassing the serial port communication. Evan bought an A drive with a USB configuration integrated with it.

Electronics Lab

  • No outstanding parts requests that I'm aware of
  • Amelia's Rigol scope knobs are flaky, repairs being researched
  • Ted donated some Arduino CANBUS shields and stuff, go make things!

Fab Lab

  • Norman Witte has gotten the bulk of the Raspberry Pi camera hardware onto the printers
  • Where did the new shelves come from? They are not unwelcome, but please let me know when you want to donate things
  • Air filter! Hopefully mitigate particulate pollution from the printers.

Injection Molding

  • Still working on the maint. and upgrade to the small molder and hope to have it back up and running at i3 in the next month or so. The big molder will hopefully be scrapped out in the next couple months as building a new control is to big a task for us and the machine is an odd size making it less than ideal for dropping in standard mold bases. As a result of the injection molding zone fellow i3 member Jim Kemp is starting his own molding operation in Troy, MI to produce parts for his patented Smart Cap battery water tester. He bought a machine about 3 times larger than our "big" machine. This is a true "Beyond 3D Printing" example of what we'd hope would spin off from the zone.

Kiln Zone

  • the larger kiln isn't working and the rewiring project with the smaller kiln is ongoing.
  • Friday I spent about 5 hours working on the smaller kiln and ended up crossing the wires some how so now the off position actually turns the kiln on. Tom helped me a bit around 1130pm when I was trouble shooting. We blew the fuse a few times so he added some hi temp insulation tape.

Laser Zone

  • Both lasers are currently up after a few weeks of interruptions.
    • No more interruptions planned as the wall behind the lasers is done.
    • Big thanks to Tom N for fixing the air compressor yesterday.

Media Lab

  • New photo printer in Media Lab. Glossy and matte prints are $0.25/print or 5 prints for $1. Will label and add to wiki soon. Printer is not accessible through the network yet. Use the Mac to print your photos.
  • New print carts and print media for Design Jet arriving this week.

Tool Crib

  • Not on fire, probably.
  • Still making a list of fasteners to look into stocking, send emails to toolcrib@i3detroit.org if you have specific things you think it would be useful to stock.

Welding Zone

  • The nice TIG seems to have let out the magic smoke. Trying to work with its owner to get it repaired, or else explore options.
    • In the meantime, I'm exploring new TIG machines. There seem to be many cheaper ones around these days, so we might pass the hat soon for something.
  • The shoebox welder is also going away. Its owner is moving away and needs it with them.

Wood Shop

  • Wood shop will have new signage soon that includes new suggested donation/ usage rates and information on the new tool wardens. Email going to the list soon with more information.
  • Hooray for our new Tool wardens!

These wonderful people will be available to authorize members on woodshop equipment. They're still in training, but will share what they know. Contact them in slack or they can be reached at woodshophelpers@i3detroit.org

Space Project Updates


  • Construction on the wall continues. We've torn out all the windows and frames, and we're making good progress on installing drywall.
  • Moving sheet goods storage and member storage went very well. Hopefully they will be put back in place by Nov. 16.
  • We've also started painting on B-Side.
  • Thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday and helped out.
  • The next big thing to tackle is getting doors installed in the opening in the wall by the Wood Shop. Also modifying or replacing the existing B-Side exterior doors so they have electronic locks.




Broom Party

Lost & Found Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed:2009
  • Attendees:
  • Jan Henry
  • David Henry
  • Mike F
  • Alec B
  • Mark F
  • Mel G
  • Ben J
  • Katlyn M
  • Jonathan D
  • Bryan Williams
  • Thomas Tusano
  • William Ket
  • Andrew London
  • Jody Raiford
  • Paul Lee
  • L.U. cymry
  • Brallee Williamson

Action Item Summary

No action items.

Proposal Summary

No proposals.


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