Officers and Board 2022-2023

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President : Matt Arnold

Vice-President : A'Lisa Krawciw

Treasurer : Jody Raiford

Assistant Treasurer : Melissa Gilchrist

Secretary : David Henry

Vice-President of Activities and Classes : James O'Dell

Vice-President of Onboarding : Nobody!

Membership Advocate : Alec BeardsleyMelissa Gilchrist

Board of Directors

1st year of 2 year term: Evan Allen, Matt Arnold, Dave Hurt

2nd year of 2 year term: Mark Furland, Mike Fink, Jamie Burdeski, Jan Henry (Jan is backfilling Rick's term)

James O'Dell replaced Paul Lee as the Vice-President of Activities and Classes in January 2023 Paul Lee was VP of onboarding and an advocate until 2023 march. Matt replaced Jamie as president in 2023 march.