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Agenda for 05-07-2019

Chair: Lew


Introduction of i3Detroit

"i3 Detroit provides access to tools and equipment for members who share common work spaces. Members gather to create, build, learn and make" - Anonymous New Member

Experienced Members

  • Mel is the treasurer, so see her for money things

New Members & Guests

  • Andre is studying electrical engineering

Show and Tell

  • Jamie has her Mad Hatter costume. She laser cut all the fabric for it, including an intricate design on the back of the jacket. She'll be sharing her wisdom in an upcoming class on laser cutting fabric.
  • Mel made a tutu during the fundraising meeting earlier today. If you want to make your own tutu talk to Jan.

Old Business

  • n/a

New Business

Upcoming Events


PotLock is this Saturday Noon until 6:00 or so.

Maker Faire

Maker Faire is fast approaching!

We need people to help make it run smoothly. Three or four volunteers makes it a manageable task. Please talk to Paul or Matt C if you're interested.

Also, make sure you're working on projects to show at Maker Faire. It doesn't have to be a huge production; we also need lots of small neat little projects to show off as well.

Finally, the Henry Ford allows us to have a few vendors under our tent that don't have to pay for a vending booth. Talk to Lew if you're interested in vending at Maker Faire.

Scheduled Activities

Wednesday, May 8
7-10PM: i3Detroit Sewing Semi-monthly Sew Up
Friday, May 10
6-9PM: Friday Night Tours
7-9PM: Open Craft Room
Saturday, May 11
Noon-6PM: PotLock
Sunday, May 12
All Day: Mothers' Day
Noon-6PM: Sew It's Sunday
2-5PM: i3 Motorsports
Tuesday, May 14
7:30PM May Board Meeting
Wednesday, May 15
7:30-8:30PM: Wiki Wednesday
Thursday, May 16
8-9AM: Lazy Business Networking
7-10PM Game Night
Friday, May 17
6-9PM: Friday Night Tours
7-9PM: Open Craft Room
10:30-11:30PM: Support Thomas on the GR3YNOISE podcast
Saturday, May 18
1-4PM: Eastern Michigan Python Users' Group (EMPUG) Meetup
4-6PM: Stitch 'N' B!t¢ħ
Sunday, May 19
2-5PM: i3Motorsports
Tuesday, May 21
7:30PM May Third Tuesday Members' Meeting followed by Music May

Floor Plan Selection

Carpenma (talk)

  • The floor plan selection process is nearly over!
  • Currently suggested plans are accessible both digitally on the Wiki (Floor Plan Proposals) and physically in the B-side office. Members are encouraged to look at the plans and raise any concerns they have with the relevant zone coordinators. ZCs will discuss these concerns with the planners to inform modifications
  • Designs are to be finalized by 5/14 so get your feedback in soon!
  • When final plans are done, a referendum will be held to gauge which plan(s) the membership prefer - watch the mailing lists for the specific dates!
  • The board will use the results of this vote and feedback from zone coordinators to make a final floor plan decision. This is expected to take place before the end of May.

NOMCon is coming up

  • It's a meeting of makerspace operators across the country.
  • First one was last year, and this year it's in Tenessee on June 14-16
  • Anyone want to go? Talk to Matt C.

Dust Collector

  • Mark: The dust collecor has issues and we have a lead on a discount on a new dust collector.
  • Frank has been researching them for a few months now and we had been looking at this model based on advice from Glenn Wing. Laguna PFlux 3
    • The owner happened to have one new, assembled, in store that he's offering at a discount.
    • It's specced to be able to handle our two most dust-collector-intensive tools running at once.
    • It's quieter and much smaller physically than the current dust collector, but the can is 46 gallons which is comparable to ours.
    • HEPA filtration down to 0.4 microns.
    • Has 'smart' features like indicators for when the can is full of dust.
  • Some discussion on the specifics.
  • Jody: We'll talk more after the meeting.

Storage for Cosplay Scrap

Jeff isn't very interested in cosplay, but he has noticed some abandoned cosplay supplies and is interested in getting several bins for cosplay scraps to be stored in member sorage.

  • Mark suggests that to move forward on this we need to find someone to be responsible for them.

Computer Vision Software for 3D Printers

  • POC Norm
  • Norm is interested in installing the 3D printer computer vision software Spaghetti Detective which can detect failed prints.
  • It would require a camera to be pointed directly at the printer and not at any humans, but it would need to be covered by the existing camera policy.
  • Lego: So this is prohibited by the existing policy, so what we're proposing is a change to the policy to allow this sort of camera.
  • Are we voting on this now?
  • Jamie suggests, from experience, that we conduct a straw poll now to get a general consensus, and then draft actual language for the rules before the next member meeting.
  • Lew calls for a straw poll. Vote was overwhelmingly in favor of proceeding on this.

Zone updates

Electronics Lab

  • Some new Crimpers and a table to tell what's for what
  • Lots of new components, thank you everyone who's helped with that
  • Some JTAG tools are inbound, look for a let's-learn-JTAG-together session after they all arrive

Fab Lab

Kiln Zone

  • A member recently made very many glass pieces for a graduate project which is currently on display at the Cranbrook Institute of Art

Sewing Zone

  • Sewing has 3 older but new to us sewing machines from Paul's mom, including an older electronic embroidery machine that would also work well for us as a good general sewing machine.
  • Also two vintage machines in very good condition.

Welding Zone

  • Jody has held a couple welding classes a week for the last few weeks which has been a lot of fun.
  • If you want more fun classes, email/slack at Jody to set something up.


Broom Party

Lost & Found Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:19
  • Attendees: 20

Action Item Summary

No action items.

Proposal Summary

No proposals.


  1. Lew D
  2. Jamie B
  3. Paul L
  4. Mike F
  5. Andy L
  6. Greg G
  7. Jan H
  8. Norman W
  9. David H
  10. David H
  11. Maggy P
  12. Nasir S
  13. Vivian S
  14. Steve N
  15. Matt C
  16. James O
  17. Jeff P
  18. Andre R
  19. Matthew F
  20. Amelia M

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