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Agenda for 04-16-2019

Chair: Matt Carpenter


Introduction of i3Detroit

  • Presented by the chair - 2 minutes
    • What we are:
    • What we value:
    • We determine success by:
    • Welcome everyone!

Experienced Members

  • None

New Members & Guests

  • Jane Gleason - Visting and joining - Jewelry zone
  • Nick Rifel

- New Member - Working on a project for Bridge Dealing

  • David Hyland - New Member

Show and Tell

  • Suit of Armor Construction Progress & Tools made to assist - David Henry

Old Business

  • n/a

New Business

Upcoming Events

i3-Related Events

Saturday April 20, 1-3PM
Michigan Makerspace Operators Meetup.
It's in Muskegon this month. Several of US are getting a carpool together if anyone wants to join us.
May 3-5

i3 Events

Wednesday, April 17
7:30PM Wiki Wednesday
Thursday, April 18
7-10PM: Tabletop Gaming Night
Friday, April 19
6-9PM: Friday Night Tours
7-9PM: Open Craft Room
7-9PM: Ceramics Workshop
Saturday, April 20
1-4PM: Detroit Autonomous Vehicle Group Meetup
1-4PM: Eastern Michigan Python Users Group Meetup
Sunday, April 21
2-5PM: i3 Motorsports
Monday, April 22
7-9PM General Class Amateur Real Class
Tuesday, April 23
7:30PM Project Club (might end up being a B-side work day)
Wednesday, April 24
6-9PM: Learn to Sew: Earth Day Pillow Workshop
7:30-8:30PM: Wiki Wednesday
Thursday, April 25
7-10PM: Monthly Beaglebone Meetup
Friday, April 26
6-9PM: Friday Night Tours
7-9PM: Open Craft Room
Saturday, April 27
11AM-5PM: Learn to Sew: Magical Wrap Skirt Workshop
Sunday, April 28
1-2PM: [Members Only] Fire Safety Class
2-5PM: i3 Motorsports
5-8PM: Intro to Welding Class
Wednesday, May 1
7:30-8:30PM: Wiki Wednesday
Thursday, May 2
7-10PM: Tabletop Gaming Night
Friday, May 3
6-9PM: Friday Night Tours
7-9PM: Open Craft Room
8-10PM: Ceramics Workshop
Saturday, May 4
1-4PM: Detroit Autonomous Vehicle Group Meetup
Sunday, May 5
2-5PM: i3 Motorsports
Tuesday, May 7
6:30-7:30PM: Fundraising Committee Meeting
7:30PM May First Tuesday Meeting


  • A new channel has been added to the i3Detroit Slack-o-sphere, #ask-the-board! This channel is designed for getting answers to quick questions when there aren't board members roaming around the space. Board members will do their best to answer in a timely fashion (tagging @board in your question may help). This is a bit of an experiment so we'll see how it goes, feedback is appreciated!


  • NOMON 2019 is approaching quickly! The event will be June 14-16th in Chattanooga, TN. NOMCON, short for Nation of Makers Conference, is a meetup of people who operate makerspaces, fablabs, school maker programs and more. Tony, Jody, and Matt C. attended last year and found the experience very beneficial. Since this year's event will be closer to home we could probably send a larger group and drive down to the event. Working with other Michigan spaces to split the cost would also be a good idea. If you're interested in attending send Matt C. a message!

Music May

  • May 21st, after third Tuesday Member Meeting
  • Come and bring some music maker thing to show off and share
  • Music talent not required
  • Could be string, percussion, wind, electronic, voice, etc
  • i3's commons area

Zone updates

Bicycle Shop

  • n/a


  • n/a

CNC Zone

  • New member Kulvir Jandir is now an Authorized Haas user. Congrats Kulvir!
  • The CNC Zone has purchased the VCarve Makerspace Edition for the wood router and will begin rolling it out. It allows members to use the software at home for design and then generate G-Code at i3 for cutting. Any VCarve knowledgeable members that want to help with the roll out can contact Thad Johnson, CNC Zone Coordinator, at cnc@i3detroit.org
  • Still need help taking used 5 gal. buckets of Haas coolant to the recycling center, SOCRRA, at 995 Coolidge, Troy, MI 48084. Must be a resident of the following cities: Berkley, Beverly Hills, Birmingham, Clawson, Ferndale, Hazel Park, Huntington Woods, Lathrup Village, Oak Park, Pleasant Ridge, Royal Oak and Troy.

Commons Area

  • n/a

Craft Room

  • n/a

Electronics Lab

  • New large wire cutters! New small wire cutters! New strippers! New flush cuts!
  • Added some particular optoisolators in response to a member request.
  • Restocked power inductors in response to a member request.
  • Got some perfboard-friendly push-wire terminals to try.
  • Thank you, everyone who uses the lab and helps keep it so nice!

Fab Lab

  • n/a


  • n/a


  • n/a

Injection Molding

  • Doing some advanced mold design/build that will (hopefully) trim the parts from the runners during part ejection from the mold, eliminating the post molding hand trimming operation.
  • Will be molding parts over then next several months, feel free to stop by and check it out.
  • Remember, if you are 3D printing parts that may go into production for injection molding, there are design considerations that may need to be made early to avoid potential costly and time consuming problems down the road. I'm always available to give my input on that. Thad Johnson, injectionmolding@i3detroit.org

Jewelry Zone

  • n/a

Kiln Zone

  • n/a

Laser Zone

  • n/a

Leather Loft

  • n/a

Machine Shop

  • n/a

Media Lab

  • We recently acquired an Epson large format printer, thanks to Matt and David. The purpose of the printer is for printing on media that is not necessarily approved for the Design Jet, such as textile/fabric. Its final home is to be determined. I (Robert) think it should live with the other printers in the print area of the future media lab but it has been suggested that it possibly live in the future sewing zone, if there is room and if it can print on fabric. Its current temporary home is classroom front hallway.

Tool Crib

  • n/a

Vinyl Zone

  • n/a

Welding Zone

  • n/a


  • n/a

Wood Shop

  • n/a

Space Project Updates

  • n/a


i3 Aerospace

  • n/a


  • n/a


  • n/a


  • Ashley's wrist is mostly healed -- yay! If anyone would like to request training on the press, please contact her via e-mail or @ampersand on Slack.


  • n/a

U of M SSW Project

  • n/a


Broom Party

Lost & Found Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 19:50
  • Attendees: 13

Action Item Summary

No action items.

Proposal Summary

No proposals.


  1. Paul Lee
  2. Jane Gleason
  3. Sean Work
  4. David Hyland
  5. David Henry
  6. Elizabeth Bukey
  7. Jessie Bates
  8. Coogle
  9. Jason Burnes
  10. Mark Furland
  11. Nick Rifel
  12. James O'Dell

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