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So, you want to help contribute to the i3Detroit wiki. Your brain is bursting with knowledge and you have to put it SOMEWHERE. You head to the wiki, go to create an account, and find that you can't.

Why can't I create an account?

We have found that if we allow for auto-account creation, the wiki starts to accumulate spammer accounts that create junk pages.

So, it's not a conspiracy, it's just spammers. Just like email, they ruin everything they touch, so we've had to lock down automatic account creation on the wiki to prevent them from getting a foothold here.

How do I get an account to provide all of my awesome content to further enrich the lives of i3Detroit members?

Drop an email to Nate B or (other wikicrats' usernames here), asking for a wiki account. YOU MUST SPECIFY THE USERNAME YOU WANT, and the email address you want associated with it. Soon, one of those folks will create the account, and a random password will be emailed to you. Check your spam folder!

(If you don't get a response in a day or so, post to the members' group with the above info.)

There's got to be a better way to do that!

Suggestions are always welcome as to how to make wiki access easier and keep the spam content nil. If there's a better way, we're all ears.