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Minutes for 03-07-2023

Meeting Location

Meeting was Called to Order At: 19:35 by A'Lisa

https://i3detroit.org/hangout and i3Detroit Classroom

Virtual Meeting Etiquette

  • Be excellent.
  • Attendance and voting can be found in the #meetings slack channel.
  • Please show up early if you are concerned about your audio.
  • If there is no one waiting to speak feel free to do so at the next opportunity.
  • If there is someone waiting to speak, please say that you are raising your hand in the google call chat. (This will be demonstrated)
  • Please refrain from other side conversations, these can be distracting for the rest of the meeting and make it difficult for the chair to keep track of what's going on.


Experienced Members

  • Dave Hurt - Board member and tool crib coordinator. Thanks to all who have been assisting with the crib. working in machine shop on combat robots.
  • Matt Arnold. Co-coordinator of media lab. Has been with i3 for about a dozen years. Working on a life size brontosaurus puppet. Will be done by july.
  • Nate B - 2009 coordinator of elab. Works mostly on electronics. Will the puppet doing the was not was walk the dinosaur.

New Members & Guests

  • Nathan Hues. Onbording now. Mobile app developer. Knitter and crochet. getting into microcontroler sand 3d printing.
  • Brian B - Was around years ago. Helping out with the canoe project and is finishing up onboarding. Also does electronics and other boat oriented woodworking projects.
  • Dan Williams - has been a member for about a month. Working on a hydroponics system. Has also 3d printed a redesigned a circular sock knitting machine. v2 works well. wants to get into electronics.
  • Mark W - November 2022. Automotive aerodynamics engineer. Working on a custom car. 3d printing and jewelry as well, and some machining as well.
  • Brian McPerson. Long time former member (about 6 years ago). Looking for someplace to make noise at night. Can't wake up the 3yrold in the carriage. Interested in bikes. Was involved in the HAAS donation to i3.

Show and Tell

  • Drew - Made an adapter to allow a clamp meter to make current measurments off of 110VAC using a clamp meter.
  • Dave Hurt - 3lb combat robot. Has a composit armor made with epoxy and carbon fiber.

Old Business

  • n/a

Outstanding Action Items

New Business

Upcoming Events

  • Volunteers to host upcoming Friday tours?
    • Matt, Alex, and Paul are usually there. Dave often handles the door.
  • Up coming Events Calendar
  • 2nd Thursday, 3/9, 7-9 pm
  • CircuitPython Workshop - Sensors
  • i3Detroit Classroom
  • Hosted by James O'Dell
  • 4th Thursday, 3/23, 7-9 pm
  • Artist LED Workshop - Basic WLED
  • i3Detroit Classroom
  • Hosted by James O'Dell
  • Should we work to a Halloween Party this year.
  • Open House for B Side opening. May 13 or 20th (Saturdays)
    • Things to do. Publicity, hosting, cleaning, demo projects, tours for the public.
    • Charlie will help to be a tour guide for the event. Also recommends a cleaning a day or two before the event.
  • Should we have potlock more often. The consensus of those at the last one was yes we should. Thinking about every other month to help get things done.
  • We should do another open house once we finish with A side!
  • Charlie has invited the Hazel Park council next Monday at 6 PM. Expect about 20 people or so. Would like someone to help with hosting and tours.
    • Look for emails too coordinate this activities.
  • Is anything planned for pi day?
    • Matt is thinking of showing up with some pi's.

Example Topic

  • n/a

Zone updates

Automotive Zone

  • n/a

Bicycle Shop

  • n/a

Ceramics Zone

  • n/a


  • n/a

CNC Zone

  • n/a

Commons Area

  • n/a

Craft Room

  • n/a

Electronics Lab

  • eLab has open office hours (virtually) or in person connected virtually. Sunday's at 2PM.

Fab Lab

  • n/a

Glass Zone

  • n/a


  • n/a

Injection Molding

  • n/a

Jewelry Zone

  • n/a

Kitchen Zone

  • n/a

Laser Zone

  • n/a

Leather Loft

  • n/a

Machine Shop

  • n/a

Media Lab

  • n/a

Tool Crib

  • Thanks to all who helped with build out.

Vinyl Zone

  • n/a

Welding Zone

  • n/a


  • n/a

Wood Shop

  • n/a

Space Project Updates

  • n/a



  • n/a


  • n/a


  • n/a


  • n/a


  • n/a


  • Hope to get the arm mounted on a cart so it can be moved.


  • Working out details on how to set something up and be compliant with code and also getting floor space.



Action Item Summary

No action items.

Proposal Summary

No proposals.

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 20:10
  • Attendees: 10


  1. A'Lisa
  2. Jan
  3. David
  4. Nate Bezanson
  5. Brian McPeason
  6. James O;Dell
  7. Jody Raiford
  8. Matt Arnold
  9. Earl
  10. Drew

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